Terrific Tween Photography

If you are a professional photographer looking to offer a portrait experience that will bring year round cash flow, allow you to feel good about what you do AND give your clients something to RAVE about . . . this is a perfect program for you. 

Social media has changed the face of how today’s young people deal with self image, especially girls in their tweens and teens. Body positive messages are becoming very popular and it is my goal to become a part of this movement with my photography and the experience that comes with these programs. 

I’ve hit the jackpot focusing on offering photography options for tween-agers (9-12 years old). Especially with young ladies as it’s providing me a platform to become their photographer of choice when it comes to their High School Senior portraits. It also leads to family portrait opportunities a parent is always involved with the session or event scheduling, transportation and image ordering .

The portrait experiences I cover are:  

+Model for a Day is great for helping a young lady decide if she’d like to pursue a modeling career 

+Primp & Pose is an awesome group Portrait Party where they also learn age appropriate makeup

+U R Unique is similar to a senior session but focuses more on their individual interests

+M & M (Me and Mom) has become a huge hit for a mother/daughter bonding experience

Partnership Marketing Campaigns are also covered as they play a big role in all of the programs. We’ll also talk about social media and how images are shared and why it is so IMPORTANT to reach this generation as to the value of photographic prints.

I’d like to have a portion of the program as an ‘interview’ style where I pose questions to 2-3 girls in their tweens and teens that reveals to the audience what it’s like to be that age in today’s society. I’ll also do a live demo of ‘age appropriate’ posing and emphasis the words best used when dealing with this age group.

Photographers attending this program will be able to plan and implement these programs, set up marketing strategies, feel confident in the camera room and increase their sales with this very lucrative and unique target market.