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              Multi Tube Vortexer Location:Home > Product > Multi Tube Vortexer

              Multi-Tube Vortex

              DHM-300 Multi-Tube Vortex is also called Vortex Mixers (digital display multi-tube vortex oscillator) ;

              Product Introduction

              Multi-Tube Vortex, DHM-300 adopts DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology. The unique knob operation mode is simple and easy to use. By changing different test tube fixing sponges, it can mix and cultivate various commonly used test tubes, and up to 50 samples can be mixed at one time. It is suitable for fields such as biotechnology, microbiology and medical analysis.

              Product Parameter

              Model *: DHM-300
              Speed range *: 500~3000rpm
              Rotation diameter (amplitude) *: 4mm horizontal rotation
              Input power: 70W
              Dimensions *: 410x276x432mm (length * width * height)
              Time setting: 1min ~ 99h59min
              Maximum load: 4.5kg
              Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
              Weight: 20kg

              Module specifications

              Model                    Specification           tube caliber
              DHM-200-T12       50xΦ12mm             Φ11~Φ13mm
              DHM-200-T15       50xΦ15mm             Φ14~Φ17mm
              DHM-200-T25       15xΦ25mm             Φ24~Φ27mm
              Other customized specifications-can be customized

              Product List

              Host: 1 set
              Dedicated test tube rack: 1 set
              Power cord: 1 piece
              Instructions for use: 1 copy
              Certificate: 1 piece

              • image:
              • Module image:
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