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              Vortex Mixers Location:Home > Product > Multi Reax Mixer Vortex

              Multi Reax Mixer Vortex

              Multi Reax Mixer Vortex DMR-300 adopts DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology. The unique knob operation mode is simple and easy to use, and can mix and cultivate various common test tubes;

              Product Introduction

              high throughput of DMR-300 is one of the daily challenges that analytical laboratories must deal with. In order to simplify these processes, we have developed multi-point vortex oscillators, which are widely used in biological experiments, medical and health care, materials industry, food and chemical industry, etc. (examples: sodium cyclamate, blood).

              Application Range
              1. Food: additive content, organic high-risk substances
              2. Drug analysis: agricultural residues of traditional Chinese medicine, biochemical analysis of western medicine
              3. Detection of agricultural and sideline products: QuEchERS, residues of agricultural products, residues of veterinary food materials
              4. Environmental detection: water quality and soil

              ·It can accommodate 16-position 16-32 mm diameter tubes or 28-position 9-18 mm diameter tube thick-wall colorimetric tubes, glass pressure tubes, Teflon reaction tubes, Nessler's colorimetric tubes, centrifugal tubes, plexiglass tubes, high borosilicate tubes, etc. (tubes with buckles or screw-on caps)< br> ·The amplitude of 3mm ensures excellent mixing vortex effect for large volume and insoluble samples< br> ·Speed digital display, continuously adjustable, adjustable range is 300-3000rpm
              ·Integrated timer digital display (up to 99 hours and 59 minutes - 5999 minutes) can realize automatic termination of vibration function and allow unattended operation. When the task is completed, a prompt tone will be issued. In this way, other things can be handled during the preparation of samples< br> ·The round tie is used to bind the sample, which is more convenient to insert the sample. The 24V LED light band is built in, and the vortex effect of sample mixing is visually displayed
              ·Maximum load 1.8kg
              ·Protection grade IP30

              Product Parameter

              Model *: DMR-300
              Speed range *: 300~3000rpm
              Rotation diameter (amplitude) *: 3mm horizontal rotation
              Angle: 3D
              Motor type: DC motor (brushless)
              Maximum power: 150W
              Control mode: key+knob combination
              Display mode: digital display
              Disk size: R50: internal Φ 14.2cm outside Φ 27.2cm
                              R15: Inner Φ 14.2cm outside Φ 25.2cm
              Adapter specification: can accommodate 16-bit 16-32mm diameter pipe (30-50ml)
                                                  It can accommodate 28 pipes with diameter of 9-18mm (10-25ml)
              Standard accessories: 2 test tube fixture
              Motion mode: automatic reset
              Degree of protection DIN EN 6052: IP 30
              Timing function: 1~99 hours and 59 minutes
              Maximum load: 1.8kg
              Operation mode: timed or continuous
              Speed setting: digital (knob)
              Allowable environmental conditions: at 5~35 ° C, the maximum relative humidity is 80%
                                                                          At 36~40 ° C, the relative humidity decreases linearly, with a maximum of 50%
              Speed setting: digital (knob)
              Overall dimensions: 310 x 450 x 200 mm (L * W * H)
              Input voltage: 110-220V 50/60Hz
              Weight: 17.05 Kg

              Module specifications

              Model        Specification           tube caliber
              R50            16*(30~50ml)         F16~32mm
              R15            28*(5~25ml)           F9~18mm
              Other specifications - customizable

              Product List

              Host: 1 set
              Special adapter bracket: 2 set
              Power cord: 1 piece
              Instructions for use: 1 copy
              Certificate: 1 piece

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              • Module image:
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