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              Ultrasonic Processors

              Ultrasonic Processors UP-250 is a new product with complete functions and reliable performance. The instrument adopts LED display, has two working modes of automatic and manual (pedal), the ultrasonic time and power can be set arbitrarily, the sample temperature is detected and displayed, and the frequency is automatically tracked;

              Product Introduction

              Ultrasonic Processors UP-250 is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses ultrasonic waves to produce cavitation effects in liquids; it can be used to break a variety of animals, plants, viruses, cells, and bacteria, and can be used for emulsification, Dispersion, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, preparation of nanomaterials, dispersion and acceleration of chemical reactions, etc.

              Product Features

              ◆Used for crushing animal and plant cells, bacteria, spores or tissues, extracting protein from cells and conducting scientific culture experiments of viruses and vaccines.
              ◆Accelerate the reaction speed of chemistry and physics and accelerate the degassing of liquid.
              ◆Scientific analysis of crude oil dilution, oil-water emulsification, accelerated decrystallization, and glass homogenization.
              ◆Disperse rare earths, various inorganic minerals, and prepare a homogenized mixture of nearly one percent of nanometer latex, etc.
              ◆Quick, powerful and high-precision lotion for mold micro-holes and blind holes.

              Experiment purpose
              1. Understand the basic principles of ultrasonic cell disruption
              2. Master the basic technology of ultrasonic cell disruption

              Experimental principle
              When the strong sound wave acts on the solution, the bubble generation, growth and breaking are related to the cavitation phenomenon. The shock wave and the scissors force caused by the cavitation phenomenon cause the cells to lyse.

              Materials and reagents
              Bacteria 10ml, beaker, shaved ice, 75% alcohol cotton ball.

              PROBE OPTIONS

              TIP DIAMETER            VOLUME
              Φ2mm                        150ul-5ml
              Φ3mm                        200ul-10ml
              Φ6mm                        10ml-100ml

              Product Parameter

              Model: DH-250
              Frequency: 19.5-20.5KHz
              Power: 250W
              Random horn: Φ6
              Optional horn: Φ3
              Broken capacity: 0.5-100ml
              Temperature control: Ultrasonic protection alarm function
              Control mode: automatic, manual switchable (optional foot switch)
              Pulser: closed loop 0.1-99s adjustable, open loop 0.1-99s adjustable
              Duty cycle: 1-99%
              Power supply: 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz
              Power supply chassis size: 270*200*140mm
              Net weight: 9.1kg
              Host + transducer weight: 10.8kg
              Outer packing size: 510×275×390mm

              Product List

              Ultrasonic generator: 1 set
              Vibration system (transducer assembly): 1 piece
              Special bracket: 1 set
              Power cord: 1 piece
              Special wrench (used to disassemble the horn): 1 set
              Instructions for use: 1 copy
              Qualification certificate: 1 sheet
              Warranty card: 1 copy

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